Weight Loss Combo

Weight Loss Combo

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This combo includes an AWESOME 3 BOTTLES: 1 Garcinia Cambogia, 1 Green Coffee Bean Extract, and 1 Digestive Enzymes. 

TIP: It's very important not to solely rely on Garcinia while looking for a weight loss supplement, but to make sure to take it together with Green Coffee and Digestive Enzymes to maximize the potential.

And here is why, because all these three supplements have a unique job, that is really crucial for a successful diet and weight loss regimen.

What does Garcinia do? Our garcinia contains 95% Hydroxycitric acid. This powerful compound is able to stop the work of citrate lyase inside the body that is an enzyme that causes carbohydrates to be converted into fatty acids. By stopping this process HCA is able to block fat and this leads to weight loss.

What does Green Coffee do?: Since this coffee bean extract is 100% pure, so it's standardized to 50% chlorogenic acids. Our green coffee beans have not been roasted, therefore it contains a higher amount of natural chlorogenic acid that is the main factor that promotes weight loss. Green Coffee Extract was first promoted by Dr. Oz back in 2012. Since many studies have been conducted regarding its fabulous results.

What does Enzymes do? The intake of digestive enzymes facilitate the chemical breakdown of food into smaller, absorbable components. Enzymes called amylases break down starches into sugar molecules; proteases break down proteins into amino acids; and lipases break down fat into its component parts. This is all contributes to a perfectly balanced digestion.

So here we go, all these facts are very important for your weight loss plan, so can you really leave out one of them? 

DOCTOR FORMULATED: This dietary supplement was fully tested to ensure its professional grade, safe and effective use. People who have taken it report they see active weight loss, fewer cravings and more energized during the day with a great metabolism.